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Tohogaku (Eastern Studies) is a biannual Japanese language journal of the Toho Gakkai introducing its member scholars’ articles on Eastern studies covering such extensive fields as history, religion, thought, literature, language, art and archaeology. It also includes reports on developments in Eastern studies at home and abroad and recollections of the scholarship and personalities of pioneer Japanese scholars in the field of Eastern studies. An English summary is appended to each article.

第一輯 No. 1  昭和26年3月刊行 (Pub. March 1951)
第百輯 No. 100 平成12年7月刊行 (Pub. July 2000)
創立65周年記念「座談会特集号」 平成26年5月刊行 (Pub. May 2014)

最新号(第百四十輯) 令和2(2020)年7月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
野間文史 (NOMA Fumichika): 平賀中南『春秋稽古』考 (A study of Hiraga Chūnan’s Shunjū keiko)

付 晨晨 (FU Che‘en-ch‘en):『修文殿御覧』編纂再考――南朝類書の北伝と北朝類書の誕生 (A reconsideration of the compilation of the Hsiu-wen-tien yü-lan: The northward transmission of encyclopaedias of the Southern Dynasties and the birth of encyclopaedias in the Northern Dynasties)

古畑 徹 (FURUHATA Tōru): 靺鞨・渤海はなぜ「北狄」なのか (Why were the Mo-ho and Po-hai peoples classified as “northern barbarians”?) 

川村悠人 (KAWAMURA Yūto): 文法家パタンジャリが認める所有接辞の用法 (Patañjali on the use of possessive suffixes)

○内外東方学界消息 (notes on Eastern studies at home and abroad)
平田茂樹 (HIRATA Shigeki): 南宋史研究の現状――“調整与跨域対話:南宋史研究新的可能性工作坊”参加記 (The current state of research on Southern Sung history: On attending “Adjustment and Cross-Regional Dialogue: A Workshop on New Possibilities in the Study of Southern Sung History”)

藤田高夫 (FUJIWARA Takao): 東アジア文化交渉学会第十一回年次大会に参加して (On attending the 11th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia)

○座談会「先学を語る」――山田信夫先生 (The late Professor YAMADA Nobuo (1920‒1987): Reminiscences on his long life devoted to the study of central Eurasian history)
〔出席〕小田壽典 (ODA Juten)、守川哲雄 (MORIKAWA Tetsuo)、堀 直 (HORI Sunao)、森安孝夫 (MORIYASU Takao)、松田孝一 (MATSUDA Kōichi)、萩原 守 (HAGIHARA Mamoru)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 榎本文雄 (ENOMOTO Fumio)


 第百三十九輯 令和2(2020)年1月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
金子修一 (KANEKO Shūichi): 遣唐使・遣渤海使の報告に見る唐の情勢(二)――『続日本紀』『日本後紀』(The situation in T‘ang China as seen in reports by Japanese embassies to the T‘ang and Palhae (2): The Shoku Nihongi and Nihon kōki)

萩原 守 (HAGIHARA Mamoru): 清代モンゴルにおける人身売買規制法 (Regulations about human trafficking in Ch‘ing-period Mongolia)

吉川龍生 (YOSHIKAWA Tatsuo): 映像から見た『武訓伝』――孫瑜監督の創作スタイルを手がかりとして (The Life of Wu Hsün as seen from its screen images: With reference to the creative style of the director Sun Yü)

岡村秀典(訳)(OKAMURA Hidenori tr.): 許宏:中国古都の恒と変――古代の城郭配置を中心として (Hsü Hung: Permanency and change in ancient Chinese capital cities―With a focus on the layout of ancient cities)

吉田 豊(訳)(YOSHIDA Yutaka tr.): フランツ・グルネ:カフィル・カラ出土の木彫パネル――サマルカンド市民(nāf)の集合画 (Frantz GRENET: The wooden panels from Kafir-kala―A group portrait of the Samarkand nāf (civic body)?)

○内外東方学界消息 (Notes on Eastern Studies at home and abroad)
夫馬 進 (FUMA Susumu): 『龍泉司法檔案』と龍泉司法檔案研読会――とくに民国初年、教育界と商業界による警察糾弾案件をめぐって (The Lun-ch‘uan Judicial Archives and the Lung-ch‘uan Judicial Archives Study Group: With a focus on casesof condemnation of the police by educational and business circles in the early Republican years)

高津 孝 (TAKATSU Takashi):“非―常経典――文学的発現、詮釈、創化学術研習営”参加記 (On Attending “Non-classics and Classics: A Workshop on An account of investigations into the overseas exodus of ancient Chinese artworks)

○座談会「学問の思い出」――粂川光樹先生を囲んで (Prof. KUMEKAWA Mitsuki reminisces on his long life devoted to the study of Japanese literature)
〔出席〕粂川光樹 (KUMEKAWA Mitsuki)、金井清一 (KANAI Seiichi)、内田道雄 (UCHIDA Michio)、山下宏明 (YAMASHITA Hiroaki)、小川靖彦 (OGAWA Yasuhiko)

○粂川光樹先生追悼 (In momoriam Prof. KUMEKAWA Mitsuki): 金井清一 (KANAI Seiichi)

○柳瀬廣氏追悼 (In memoriam Mr. YANASE Hiroshi): 斎藤 明 (SAITŌ Akira)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 末永高康 (SUENAGA Takayasu) c


 第百三十八輯 令和元(2019)年7月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
神塚淑子 (KAMITSUKA Yoshiko):『坐忘論』成立前史――六朝隋唐道教における心斎坐忘とその周辺 (The prehistory of the compositionof the Tso-wang lun: “Fasting of the mind,” “sitting in oblivion,” and related matters in the Taoism of the Six Dynasties, Sui, and T‘ang periods)

三浦雄城 (MIURA Yūki): 前漢宣帝に見る新旧符瑞観の相克――皇帝と儒教の関係をめぐって (Conflict between old and new views of auspicious phenomena during Hsüan-ti’s reign in the Former Han: The relation- ship between the emperor and Confucians)

磯部淳史 (ISOBE Atsushi): 太宗朝・順治朝における鑲紅旗と旗王系グサ=エジェン (The Bordered Red Banner and banner prince gūsai ejen during the reigns of T‘ai-tsung and Shun-chih)

○内外東方学界消息 (Notes on Eastern Studies at home and abroad)
上原究一 (UEHARA Kyūichi): 平成29年度東京古典会古典籍展観大入札会出品の章回小説稀覯本三種について (Three rare chapter novels offered for sale at the 2017 auction of the Tokyo Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association)

平田茂樹 (HIRATA Shigeki): 海外の宋代研究の現状 (The current atate of overseas research on Sung history)

鶴間和幸 (TSURUMA Kazuyuki): 中国古代美術の海外流出調査記 (その2) (An account of investigations into the overseas exodus of ancient Chinese artworks (Part 2))

○座談会「先学を語る」――清水茂先生 (The late Prof. SHIMIZU Shigeru (1925-2008): Reminiscences on his long life devoted to the study of Chinese language and literature)
   〔出席〕小松 謙 (KOMATSU Ken)、蔡 毅 (T‘SAI I)、高津 孝 (TAKATSU Takashi)、平田昌司
        (HIRATA Shōji)、矢淵孝良 (YABUCHI Takayoshi)、黄 耀堃 (HUANG Yao-k‘un)

○李学勤先生追悼 (In momoriam Prof. LI Hsüeh-ch‘in): 飯島武次 (IIJIMA Taketsugu)

○ドナルド・キーン先生追悼 (In memoriam Prof. Dr. Donald KEENE): 藤原克己 (FUJIWARA Katsumi)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 桃木至朗 (MOMOKI Shirō)

 第百三十七輯 平成31(2019)年1月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
木田章義 (KIDA Akiyoshi): 日本の学問と訓読 (Japanese scholarship and kundoku)

白石将人 (SHIRAISHI Masato): 『江都集礼』と隋代の制礼 (The Chiang-tu chi-li and the regulation of rites during the Sui period)

久保田和男 (KUBOTA Kazuo): 「五代十国」と南郊儀礼――中原国家と南方列国における郊祀 (The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms and rites performed in the southern suburbs of the capital: Suburban sacrifices in the states on the Central Plain and in the southern kingdoms)

千賀由佳 (SENGA Yuka): 羅懋登『三宝太監西洋記』中の仏典引用について (Quotations from Buddhist works in Lo Mao-teng’s San-pao t‘ai-chien his-yang chi)

○内外東方学界消息 (notes on Eastern studies at home and abroad)
鶴間和幸 (TSURUMA Kazuyuki): 中国古代美術の海外流出調査記 (An account of investigations into the overseas exodus of ancient Chinese artworks)

○座談会 「学問の思い出」――藤田宏達先生を囲んで (Prof. FUJITA Kōtatsu reminisces on his long life devoted to the study of Indian Buddhism)
 〔出席〕藤田宏達 (FUJITA Kōtatsu)、今西順吉 (IMANISHI Junkichi)、藤井教公 (FUJII Kyōkō)、斎藤 明 (SAITŌ Akira)、下田正弘 (SHIMODA Masahiro)、細田典明 (HOSODA Noriaki)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 佐川英治 (SAGAWA Eiji)

最新号(第百三十六輯) 平成30(2018)年7月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
大木  康 (ŌKI Yasushi): 銭謙益と程嘉燧 (Ch‘ien Ch‘ien-i and Ch‘eng Chia-sui)

早川太基 (HAYAKAWA Taiki): 琵琶曲「啄木」攷――宋代文人の聴いた音楽 (On the origin of the lute pices Cho-mu /Takuboku: A piece loved by poets of the Sung dynasty)

川島優子 (KAWASHIMA Yūko): 容與堂刊『李卓吾先生批評忠義水滸伝』の評語に関する考察――「画」を中心として (A study of comments in the Jung-yü-t'ang edition of the Li Cho-wu hsien-shen-sheng p‘i p‘ing Chung-i Shui-hu chuan: With a focus on the comment "hua”) 

佐高春音 (SATAKA Harune): 毛宗崗本『三国志演義』の「視点」をめぐる改変 (Modifications concerning "point of view" in Mao Tsung-kang's edition of the San-kuo chih yen-i)

樊 可人 (FAN K‘o-jen): 遠山荷塘の『嫦娥清韻』について――江戸後期の明清楽受容に関する一考察 (The Jōga sei'in by Tōyama Katō: An inquiry into the reception of minshingaku in the late Edo period)

○内外東方学界消息 (notes on Eastern studies at home and abroad)
松 浦 史 明 (MATSUURA Fumiaki): クメール刻文研究の新時代 (A new age in the study of Khmer inscriptions)

山部能宜 (YAMABE Nobuyoshi): 第18回国際仏教学会大会報告 (A report on the 18th Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies)

相田 満 (AIDA Mitsuru): 和漢比較文学会海外特別例会について (On a Special Overseas Meeting of the Wakan Comparative Literature Association)

○座談会 「学問の思い出」――松丸道雄先生を囲んで (Prof. MATSUMARU Michio reminisces on his long life devoted to the study of Chinese archaeology)
  〔出席〕松丸道雄 (MATSUMARU Michio)、平隆郎 (HIRASE Takao)、吉開将人 (YOSHIKAI Masato)、大西克也 (ŌNISHI Katsuy)、鈴木 敦 (SUZUKI Atsushi)

川合 安 (KAWAI Yasushi)、吉川忠夫 (YOSHIKAWA Tadao)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 鶴間和幸 (TSURUMA Kazuyuki)

 第百三十五輯 平成30(2018)年1月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
土田健次郎 (TSUCHIDA Kenjirō): 宋代湖南学の思想的位置 (The Philosophical position of the Hu-nan school during the Sung period)

山下洋平 (YAMASHITA Yōhei): 北魏文明太后崩御時における孝文帝の服喪儀礼 (Emperor Hsiao-wen’s mourning rites for Empress Dowager Wen-ming during the Northern Wei)

船山 徹 (FUNAYAMA Tōru): 梁の寶唱『比丘尼伝』の定型表現――選者問題解決のために (Fixed expression in the Biographies of the Nuns compiled by Pao-ch‘ang of the Liang: Toward a solution to the problem of its authorship)

廖 明飛 (LIAO Ming-fei): 韓元震『儀礼経伝通解補』について――李氏朝鮮における朱熹『儀礼継経通解』受容の一側面 (On Han Wonjin’s I-li ching-chuan t‘ung chieh pu: One aspect of the acceptance of Chu His’s I-li ching-chuan t‘ung chieh in the Joseon dynasty)

上出徳太郎 (KAMIDE Tokutarō): 新疆建省前後における協餉の変遷――甘粛新餉に注目して (Changes in subsidies around the time of the Hsin-chiang administrative reforms)

承 志 (CH‘ENG Chih): マンジュ語檔案資料に関する国際会議 (International Conference on Manchu Archival Materials)

○第36回平成29年度東方学会賞発表 (Announcement of the 36th Tōhō Gakkai Award (2017))

○平成29年度秋季学術大会講演・シンポジウム発表要旨 (Summaries of lectures and research reports delivered at the Tōhō Gakkai’s 2016 Autumun Meeting):
古勝隆一 (KOGACHI Ryūichi)、金 文京 (KIM Moonkyong)、大木 康 (ŌKI Yasushi)、上原究一 (UEHARA Kyūichi)、李 胤錫 (Yi Yoon-suk)、鈴木俊幸 (SUZUKI Toshiyuki)、藤本幸夫 (FUJIMOTO Yukio)、オラー・チャバ (OLAH Csaba)、辻 大和 (TSUJI Yamato)、久芳 崇 (KUBA Takashi)

○座談会「学問の思い出」――礪波護先生を囲んで (Prof. Dr. TONAMI Mamoru reminisces on his long life devoted to the study of Chinese history)
   〔出席〕礪波 護 (TONAMI Mamoru)、井波陵一 (INAMI Ryōichi)、浅見直一郎 (ASAMI
       Naoichirō)、中砂明徳 (NAKASUNA Akinori)、江川式部 (EGAWA Shikibu)、承 志
       (CH‘ENG Chih)、今西智久 (IMANISHI Tomohisa)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 宇佐美文理 (USAMI Bunri)

 第百三十四輯 平成29(2017)年7月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
夫 馬  進 (FUMA Susumu): 清末『申報』に見る律師観の進展と訟師観の推移――訟師から律師へ(一) (Developments in views of lawyers and changes in views of litigation masters as seen in the late-Ch‘ing Shanghai News: From litigation masters to lawyers (1)) .

ウィックストローム ダニエル (Daniel Andrew WICKSTROM): 法蔵の著作の撰述年代について (A re-examination of the composition dates of Fa-tsang’s works) 

吉 川 和 希 (YOSHIKAWA Kazuki): 十七世紀後半における北部ベトナムの内陸交易――諒山地域を中心に (Inland trade in northern Vietnam during the latter half of the seventeenth century: Focusing on the Lạng Sơn region)

魏  郁 欣 (WEI Yü-hsin): 清代の墳樹紛争に見る福建宗族の資源獲得戦略――清流安豊羅氏を例 として (Strategies for acquiring resources among Fu-chien lineage organizations as seen in disputes over graveside trees during the Ch‘ing)

船 越 達 志 (FUNAKOSHI Satoshi): 『紅楼夢』後四十回における「五兒“復活”」と太虚玄境 (The “resurrection" Liu Wu-erh in the final forty chapters of the Hung-lou meng and the Illusory Realm of the Great Void)

川 村 悠 人 (KAWAMURA Yūto): 接辞重複問題に見るパタンジャリの言語理論 (Patañjali’s linguistic theory observed in discussions on the repetitive use of affixes)

○内外東方学界消息 (Notes on Eastern studies at home and abroad)
佐 川 英 治 (SAGAWA Eiji): ロンドン “Law and Writing Habits in the Ancient World” 学会参加記 (On attending the conference “Law and Writing Habits in the Ancient World” in London)

大 村 幸 弘 (ŌMURA Sachihiro): 中央アナトリアの前期鉄器時代――カマン・カレホユック発掘調査を 通して (The Early Iron Age in Central Anatolia: With reference to excavations at Kaman-Kalehöyük)

中川正之 (NAKAGAWA Masayuki): 周有光先生を偲ぶ――周有光先生と語文運動 (Remembering Prof. Chou Yu- kuang and the national language movement in China)

○座談会「学問の思い出」――興膳宏先生を囲んで (Prof. Dr. KŌZEN Hiroshi reminisces on his long life devoted to the study of Chinese Literature)
  〔出席〕 興膳宏 (KŌZEN Hiroshi)、横山弘 (YOKOYAMA Hiroshi)、川合康三 (KAWAI Kōzō)、
       赤尾栄慶 (AKAO Eikei)、道坂昭広 (MICHISAKA Akihiro)、木津祐子 (KIZU Yūko)、
       二宮美那子 (NINOMIYA Minako)

○福井文雅先生追悼 (In memoriam Prof. Dr. FUKUI Fumimasa)
   森 由利亜 (MORI Yuria)、山 田 利 明 (YAMADA Toshiaki)

○尾上兼英先生追悼 (In memoriam Prof. ONOE Kanehide)
   大 木 康 (ŌKI Yasushi)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 高 津  孝 (TAKATSU Takashi)

 第百三十三輯 平成29(2017)年1月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
馬場紀寿 (BABA Norihisa): スリランカにおける史書の誕生 (The birth of historical chronicles in Sri Lanka)

久保田和男 (KUBOTA Kazuo): 遼中京大定府の建設と空間構造 ―11世紀から13世紀における東アジア都城史の可能性― (The construction and spatial structure of Chung-ching (Ta-ting-fu) of the Liao: The possibilities of the history of East Asian capital cities in the 11th to 13th centuries)

吉田 豊 (YOSHIDA Yutaka): ソグド語訳『楞伽師資記』と関連する問題について (On the Sogdian version of the Leng-ch'ieh shih-tzu-chi and related problems)

趙 晶 (CHAO Ching) 辻  正 博 (trans. TSUJI Masahiro): 唐令復原における典據史料の檢證―『大唐開元禮』を中心に― (An examination of the materials used for reconstructing the T'ang statutes: With a focus on the Ta-T'ang K'ai-yüan li)

○内外東方学界消息 (Notes on Eastern studies at home and abroad):
内山精也 (UCHIYAMA Seiya): 中国古典文学研究の新世代―宋代文学を中心として― (A new generation in the study of classical Chinese Literature: With a focus on Sung literature)

高田時雄 (TAKATA Tokio): メンシコフ、チュグエフスキー記念「敦煌古寫本」國際學術會議 ("The Written Legacy of Dunghuang": The International Scholarly Conference Devoted to the Memory of L.N. Menshikov (1926-2005) and L.I. Chuguevsky (1926-2000))

○第35回平成28年度東方学会賞発表 (Announcement of the 35th Tōhō Gakkai Award (2016))

○平成28年度秋季学術大会講演・研究発表要旨 (Summaries of lectures and research reports delivered at the Tōhō Gakkai’s 2016 Autumn Meeting)

○座談会 「先学を語る」――丸山昇先生 (The late Prof. MARUYAMA Noboru (1936-2006): Reminiscences of his life dedicated to the study of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature)
 〔出席〕長堀祐造 (NAGAHORI Yūzō)、藤井省三 (FUJII Shōzō)、竹田 晃 (TAKEDA Akira)、
      尾崎文昭 (OZAKI Fumiaki)、及川淳子 (OIKAWA Junko)、佐治俊彦 (SAJI Toshihiko)

○三笠宮殿下追悼 (In memoriam His Imperial Highness Pronce MIKASA Takahito)
   中根千枝 (NAKANE Chie)、池田 裕 (IKEDA Yutaka)
   (再録:井本英一、髙﨑直道 [『三笠宮殿下米寿記念論集』より])

   赤松明彦 (AKAMATSUAkihiko)、横地優子 (YOKOCHI Yūko)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 野間文史 (NOMA Fumichika)

 第百三十二輯 平成28(2016)年7月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
川合康三 (KAWAI Kōzō): 規範と表現――『文選』詩の初めの部立てを中心に (Normative standards and expression: On the first classifications of lyric poetry (shih) in the Wen-hsüan)

板橋暁子 (ITAHASHI Akiko): 西晋愍帝政権再攷――長安からの「中興」と秩序形成 (Rethinking the sovereignty of Emperor Min of the Western Chin: A “resurgence” starting from Ch‘ang-an and the formation of order)

尾崎  勤 (OZAKI Tsutomu): 謝霊運の「仏影銘」について――法顕の中国帰還とのかかわりから (Hsieh Ling-yün’s “Fo-ying ming”: In connection with Fa-hsien’s return to China)

新田元規 (ARATA Motonori): 殤後立継・間代立継の礼解釈論――顧炎武の立継問題をめぐって (Ritual interpretations of adoption for a man who died young and adoption skipping one generation: With a focus on Ku Yen-wu’s adoption case)

松井 太 (MATSUI Dai): 大英図書館所蔵対訳語彙集断片Or. 12380/3948再考 (The bilingual vocabulary Or. 12380/3948 of the Stein Collection in the British Library)

○内外東方学界消息 (Notes on Eastern studies at home and abroad)
濱田麻矢 (HAMADA Maya): 中国現代文学研究の新しい地平――ハーバード版文学史の試み (New horizons in the study of modern Chinese literature: Harvard New Literary History of Modern China)

○座談会「先学を語る」――伊藤漱平先生 (The late Prof. ITŌ Sōhei [1925–2009]: Reminiscences of his life dedicated to the study of Chinese literature)
  〔出席〕 岩佐昌暲 (IWASA Masaaki)、大木康 (ŌKI Yasushi)、小山澄夫 (KOYAMA Sumio)、
       野澤俊敬 (NOZAWA Toshitaka)、平山久雄 (HIRAYAMA Hisao)、丸山浩明
       (MARUYAMA Hiroaki)、〔紙上参加〕田仲一成 (TANAKA Issei)

○三角洋一先生追悼 (In memoriam Prof. MISUMI Yōichi)
   藤原克己 (FUJIWARA Matsumi)

○伊藤道治先生追悼 (In memoriam Prof. Dr. ITŌ Michiharu)
   小南一郎 (KOMINAMI Ichirō)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 金 文京 (KIM Moonkyong)

 第百三十一輯  平成28(2016)年1月刊行
○論文 (Articles)
田中一輝 (TANAKA Kazuki):  魏晋洛陽城の高層建築――「高さ」からみた都城と政治 (Tall buildings in Lo-yang during the Wei-Chin period: Cities and politics seen from "height")

会田大輔 (AIDA Daisuke): 北周天元皇帝考 (A Study of emperor T‘ien-yüan of the Northern Chou)

松下 道信 (MATSUSHITA Michinobu): 牧牛図頌の全真教と道学への影響――円明老人『上乗修真三要』と譙 定「牧牛図詩」を中心に (The influence of the ox-herding paintings and poems on the Ch‘uan-chen sect and tao-hsüeh: Yüan-ming’s Shang-sheng hsiu-chen san-yao and Ch‘iao Ting’s “Ox-herding Paintings and Poems”)

上 原 究 一 (UEHARA Kyūichi): 明末の商業出版における異姓書坊間の広域的連携の存在について (On the existence of wide-area cooperation in commercial publishing between bookstores owned by different clans in the late Ming)

宮 本 陽 佳 (MIYAMOTO Haruka): 『水滸伝訳解』にみる岡白駒の『水滸伝』研究――その使用版本から (Oka Hakku’s study of the Shui-hu chuan as seen in the Suikoden yakkai: With reference to the editions of the Shui-hu chuan used by Hakku)

濱 田 麻 矢 (HAMADA Maya): とけない謎――沈従文『蕭蕭』における女学生表象 (Unsolved mysteries: The representation of female students n Shen Ts‘ung-wen’s Hsiao-hsiao)

蓋   暁 星 (KAI Hsiao-hsing): 日本における中国映画『紅いコーリャン』の受容 (The reseption of the Chinese film Red Sorghum in Japan)

岩 田  孝 (IWATA Takashi): 認証 (saṃvedana) による対象と知識の非別性論証再考 (A reconsideration of the argument for the non-difference of an object from its cognition by means of the logical reason saṃvedana)

○内外東方学界消息 (Notes on Eastern studies at home and abroad)
井上泰山 (INOUE Taizan): スペイン・エスコリアル修道院図書館所蔵漢籍について――先人の調査 報告に対する補足と残された課題 (Chinese works held by El Escorial Library, Spain: Addendum to past reports and outstanding issues)

○第34回平成27年度東方学会賞発表 (Announcement of the 34th Tōhō Gakkai Award (2015))

○平成27年度秋季学術大会講演・シンポジウム発表要旨 (Summaries of lectures and research reports delivered at the Tōhō Gakkai’s 2015 Autumn Meeting)
  桃木至朗 (MOMOKI Shirō)、神塚淑子 (KAMITSUKA Yoshiko)、中純子 (NAKA Junko)、田中有紀
  (TANAKA Yūki)、新居洋子 (NII Yōko)、榎本泰子 (ENOMOTO Yasuko)、下田正弘 (SHIMODA
  Masahiro)、斎藤明 (SAITŌ Akira)、岩田 孝 (IWATA Takashi)、チャールズ・ミューラー (Charles
  MULLER)、大久保良峻 (ŌKUBO Ryōshun)

○座談会「先学を語る」――福永光司先生 (The late Prof. FUKUNAGA Mitsuji [1918–2001]: Reminiscences of his life dedicated to the study of Taoism)
  〔出席〕 興膳宏 (KŌZEN Hiroshi)、吉川忠夫 (YOSHIKAWA Tadao)、狭間直樹 (HAZAMA
        Naoki)、千田稔 (SENDA Minoru)、麦谷邦夫 (MUGITANI Kunio)、神塚淑子
        (KAMITSUKA Yoshiko)

○辛島昇先生追悼 (In memoriam Prof. Dr. KARASHIMA Noboru)
   水 島 司 (MIZUSHIMA Tsukasa)

○竺沙雅章先生追悼 (In memoriam Prof. Dr. CHIKUSA Masaaki)
   吉本 道雅 (YOSHIMOTO Michimasa)

○編輯後記 (editorial note): 秋吉 收 (AKIYOSHI Shū)