一般財團法人東方學會 本文へジャンプ

 Transactions of the International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

 No. 10 (Published Dec. 1965)

The Tenth International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:

NAKAMURA Hajime (中村 元): The fundamental standpoint of early Buddhist ethics

SCHIFFER, Wilhelm: Gambling in Japan

ABE Akio (阿部秋生): Murasaki Shikibu’s 紫式部 view concerning the nature of monogatari 物語

TWITCHETT, Denis: A critique of some recent studies of modern Chinese social-economic history

IKE, Nobutaka: Foreign policy and decision making in Japan, 1941

KRÁL, Oldřich: The history of one hero of Ju-lin wai-shih 儒林外史

Research Reports and Summary at the Kansai District:

VANDERMEERSCH, Léon: 瓶史より見たる袁宏道の文学の一側面 (La création littéraire chez Yuan Hongdao à travers le Bingshi )

P‘ENG Tse-chou (彭 沢周): On the capitalism of Japan: As seen from the trade between Japan and Korea

MIYAZAKI Ichisada (宮崎市定): A new interpretation of the Lun-yü 論語, the Analects of Confucius

 No. 9 (Published Dec. 1974)

The Ninth International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:

ORIGAS, Jean Jacques: Sur le style de Mori Ōgai 森歐外

CASEY, David F.: Nāgārjuna and Candrakīrti: A study of significant differences

Summary of Other Reports Delivered:

HSÜ Shih-chieh (許 世楷): On Taiwan incident, 1871—1874

WIVELL, Charles J.: A survey of sources and narrative techniques used by Ming 明 fiction writers

SOONG Yüeh-lun (宋 越倫): A study of naturalized Japanese from Chinese birth in ancient times

LEVY, Howard S.: Report on introductory remarks to two translations from manuscript, “Warm-Soft Village”

LIANG Jung-jo (梁 容若): The cultural intercourses between the Southern and the Northern Dynasties

Special Reports (summary):

FAIRBANK, John K.: East Asia, the modern transformation

HISAMATSU Sen’ichi (久松潜一): The characteristics of beauty in the Japanese Middle Ages

Research Reports and Summary at the Kansai District:

MATHER, Richard B.: Some examples of “pure conversation”(清談) in the Shih-shuo hsin-yü 世説新語

GENTZLER, J. Mason: Nature in Liu Tsung-yüan 柳宗元

BIRCH, Cyril: Hsü Chih-mo’s 徐志摩 debt to Thomas Hardy


 No. 8 (Published Nov. 1963)

The Eighth International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:

von GABAIN, Annemarie: The cloak of the East Roman Emperors in Central Asia

MURAYAMA Shichirō (村山七郎): Die syrisch-nestorianische Grabinschriften aus Pailing Miao und Ch‘üan-chou 泉州

IMMOOS, Thomas: Japanese themes in the European Baroque drama

UNNO, Taitetsu: The Buddhatā theory of Fa-tsang 法藏

HÉRAIL, Francine M.: A propos du séjour à la capitale des envoyés des provinces

Summary of Other Reports Delivered:

TANAKA, Hisako (田中久子): The four classics for women (onna shisho 女四書)

SCHWADE, Arcadio: Japan in the Portuguese cartography of the 16th century

KOMAROVSKII, George E.: The sculpture of Enkū 円空

MAREGA, Don Mario: The Kirishitan yashiki キリシタン屋敷

ALVAREZ, Julian L., S. J.: The Vajracchedikā Prajñāpāramitā and Aristotle’s principle of contradiction

YANG, Paul Fu-mien, S. J. (楊 福綿): Some characteristics of the Tunglü 東閭 dialect

SMOULAR, Alfred: Problems of archaeology in South Korea

Special Report(summary):

YONEZAWA Yoshiho (米沢嘉圃): The four master painters in the last stage of the Yüan 元 dynasty and their original works

Summary at the Kansai District:

ECKARDT, Hans: Über die Herkunft und Bedeutung von “Somakusa” 蘇莫者

HURVITZ, Leon: The study of Asia in the United States today

NAGAHIRO Toshio (長広敏雄): New findings of artistic work in China


 No. 7 (Published Feb. 1963)

The Seventh International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:

GOODRICH, L. Carrington: Western regions writers of Chinese lyrics during the Yüan

BISCHOFF, F. A.: Preliminary report on a Mongol Buddhist text on Christian teaching

COWLEY, George Arthur: Postwar changes in status of Japanese women

SCHWADE, Arcadio: Ōtomo Sōrin 大友宗麟 and the first intercourse with the Europeans

Summary of Other Reports Delivered:

MAREGA, Don Mario: Pre-Xaverian Christians in Japan

PHILLIPS, James M.: Japanese Christian views of religion and the state in the Meiji era

MONSTERLEET, Jean, S. J.: L’Eglise Catholique en Chine

van STRAELEN, H.: The concept of deity in the new religions

ROW, V. S.: Vivekananda as seen through the eyes of a layman

OWYANG Keliang (欧陽可亮): Oracle bone art

WANG Yü-te (王 育徳): Some comments on NHK’s Fu-chien 福建 dialect broadcasting

KHAN, Abdul Mannan: Socialism versus capitalism: Islam presents the via media

CIESLIK, Hubert: Early Western records on Hokkaido

HALEY, Virginia B.: The linguistic approach to Asia

KUNG, Charles C. (孔 秋泉): The Legalist school and Shi Huang Ti 始皇帝

Research Reports and Summary at the Kansai District:

LÉVY, André: Histoire et littérature romanesque en langue vulgaire

YANG, Lien-sheng (楊 聯陞): Economic aspects of public works in imperial China

FRANKE, Wolfgang: Some problems on Mongols in China after the end of the Yüan 元 dynasty

 No. 6 (Published Jan. 1962)

The Sixth International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:

NEUSTUPNÝ, Jiří V.: 言語と韻文の関係について――日本語韻文の脚韻と隠喩 (A contribution to the problem of the relationship of poetry and language)

YANG, Paul Fu-mien, S. J. (楊 福綿): A preliminary study of the Jaoping 饒平-Hakka dialect as spoken in Hsinchu 新竹, Taiwan

AN, Doan Van: A brief history of Vietnamese literature

IKEDA On (池田 温): 中国古代墓葬の一考察――随葬衣物券について (The burial in ancient China)

DURT, Hubert: Les études bouddhiques en Belgique

KIYOTA, Minoru (清田 実): Introduction to the Hizō-hōyaku 秘蔵宝鑰: A classical text on Japanese Buddhist esoterism

Summary of Other Reports Delivered:

LOVELL, Jr., John: Some common ground between American and Japanese drama

LIANG Meng-hui (梁 夢廻): A comparative study of Chikamatsu Monzaemon 近松門左衛門 with Kuan Han-ch‘ing 関漢卿

DUNN, Charles James: The problem of te-kugutsu てくぐつ

EPPSTEIN, Ury: Japanese music through the eyes of Meiji era musicians

OYAMA Atsuko (小山敦子): How was the Genji monogatari 源氏物語 written?

TŌDŌ Akiyasu (藤堂明保): The meaning of ‘dak’ in archaic Chinese: Represented by characters 睪・驛・尺・度・亦 etc.

ROW, V. S.: The Ramakrishna movement

McVITTIE, John: Ishikawa Tatsuzō 石川達三: The man and his work

KHAN, Abdul Mannam: Impact of religion on Oriental culture: Religion and science

HOHENSTEIN, Walter V.: Government by demonstration: The Korean Second Republic

COWLEY, George Arthur: A study of contemporary attitudes of Japanese youth

KOMAROVSKII, George E.: Special Report: Orientology in the USSR

Research Reports and Summary at the in the Kansai District:

MINER, Earl: On translating waka 和歌

DURT, Hubert: Quelques problèmes concernant l’introduction historique de la Samantapāsādikā

SHIH Chang-ju (石 璋如): 殷代的礦産区與國都安陽的交通――殷代的遺址礦産與交通 (Transportation between the mining areas and the capital (Anyang) under the Yin dynasty)

 No. 5 (Published Jan. 1961)

The Fifth International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:

EPISTOLA, Nieves B.: Notes on Pangasinan verbs

HASHIMOTO Mantarō (橋本萬太郎): A contribution to the study of Chinese phonology

van STRAELEN, H.: Yoshida Shōin 吉田松陰 as a poet

GORDON, Leonard: Diplomacy of the Japanese expedition to Formosa, 1874

LEBRA, Joyce: Ōkuma Shigenobu 大隈重信, Meiji statesman without a regional base of power

KIYOTA, Minoru (清田 実): The structure and the meaning of Tendai 天台 thought

Summary of Other Reports Delivered:

McVITTIE, John: A plea for the preservation of kanji 漢字

LIANG Meng-hui (梁 夢廻): My impressions about Chikamatsu’s 近松 drama

SCHNEPS, Maurice: The haiku 俳句 background, or the poem as a single line in English poetry

EPPSTEIN, Ury: The music of ancient Israel

PERLMUTTER, Jack: Japanese prints today

MATSUSHITA Takaaki (松下隆章): Decorative character of Japanese painting

KANDA Nobuo (神田信夫): The hui-tien 会典 in the early Ch‘ing 清 dynasty

BERTON, Peter Alexander: Russo-Japanese relations during the First World War

LANHAM, Betty B.: Some problems involved in the administering of questionnaires in Japan

MOOS, Felix: Japan―Culture change and acculturation: Some considerations

HOWES, John F.: Uchimura Kanzō 内村鑑三 on Christopher Columbus

YAMPOLSKY, Philip: Problems in the translations of Chinese Zen 禅 materials

MAYEDA Egaku (前田恵學): The spread of the early Buddhist order from the Buddha’s time to Asoka’s era

Research Reports and Summary at the Kansai District:

HOWES, John F.: The Chijinron 地人論 of Uchimura Kanzō 内村鑑三

de FEULARDE, M. Lebocq: 河内博物館の青銅鏡について (Les Miroirs de Bronze du Muśee L. Finot de Hanoi)

VANDERMEERSCH, Léon Tantricism and Lamaism

 No. 4 (Published Nov0. 1959)

The Fourth International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:  

WEINSTEIN, Stanley: On the authorship of the Hsi-fang yao-chüeh 西方要決

MAYER, Fanny Hagin: Characters appearing in the Japanese folktale

AMES, Van Meter: Mead and Zen 禅

CHAO Yuen-ren (趙 元任): The morphemic status of certain Chinese tones

PARISH, H. Carroll: The myth of Yamada Nagamasa 山田長政 and its affect on Thai-Japanese relations

KIM Chai-man (金 在満): A study on No-ra-nōr 捺剌泊: Based on the conquest over Shan-hou 山後 by Chi-tan 契丹

YANG Hsing-t‘ing (場 杏庭): On the exceptional phenomena of the Spring and Autumn period and the age of Warring States as seen from the law of historical cycles: Comparison with Toynbee’s viewpoint

Summary of Other Reports Delivered:

BEONIO-BROCCHIERI, Paolo: Problems of philosophical storiography: Validity and limits of a comparative philosophy

GLÜCK, Jay: Persian influences in early Japan

MOOS, Felix: Aspects of acculturation: Okinawa an example

HALTOD, Matthew M.: On Mongolian proverbs

EPISTOLA, Nieves B.: Some language problems in the Philippines

MATSUMURA Akira (松村 明): The Tokyo dialect in the early period viewed from the data of foreign studies

OWYANG Keliang (欧陽可亮): Wits avail more than brawn in protecting the Central Plain: An extract from “Research on tadpole, bird and insect characters”

MAENO Naoaki (前野直彬): About the shift and the changing of the figure in the Chinese historical works

Research Reports and Summary at the Kansai District:

WIENPAHL, Paul: A Western approach to Eastern thought

GROSBOIS, Charles: Quelques Remarques sur l’Art de Tōhaku Hasegawa 長谷川等伯

CHAO, Yuen-ren (趙 元任): Subsyllabic imitation between two Chinese dialects

 No. 3 (Published Dec. 1958)

The Third International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:

DANIELS, James Frank: Notes on certain details in the Japanese myths

PARSONS, James B.: Preliminary remarks concerning a statistical analysis of Ming 明 dynasty officials

HOWES, John F.: Two works by Uchimura Kanzō 内村鑑三 until recently unknown in Japan

BEONIO-BROCCHIERI, Paolo: Some remarks on the Buddhist elements in the philosophy of Ishida Baigan 石田梅巌

WEINSTEIN, Stanley: The Ālaya-vijñāna in early Yogācāra Buddhism: A comparison of its meaning in the Samdhinirmocana-sūtra and the Vijñapti-mātratā-siddhi of Dharmapāla

Summary of Other Reports Delivered:

NAGAZUMI Akira (永積 昭): Studies on Indonesian history in postwar Netherlands

FRIESE, Heinz: Einige Bemerkungen zum Handwerkerproblem in der Ming-Zeit

YANG Hsing-t‘ing (楊 杏庭): On the law of historical cycles

ANANDA, Bhikkhu: The rise and fall of the Mahāvihāra

KIM Chai-man (金 在満): A critical study of records on Yün-chung 雲中 Conference

WANG Yü-te (王 育徳): An investigation about literary reading and colloquial reading in the Amoy dialect

CHENG Te-k‘un (鄭 徳坤): The carving of jade in the Shang 商 period

GROOTAERS, Willem A.: Two new approaches in the field of Japanese dialectology

AKIYAMA Ken (秋山 虔): On the composition of the Tale of Genji (源氏物語)

IMMOOS, Thomas: Kirishitan キリシタン history of the Tōhoku 東北 area

HANE Mikizō (羽根幹三): The importation of the “idea of progress” in the early Meiji period

NUMATA Jirō (沼田次郎): The attempts to import Western historiography in the early Meiji period: Shigeno An’eki 重野安繹 and G.G. Zerffi’s Science of History

Summary of Research Reports at the Kinki District:

ARAKI, Jim Tomomasa (荒木友正): The products of Ueda Akinari’s上田秋成 intuition and imagination

P‘ENG Tse-chou (彭 澤周): The diplomatic policy of China and Japan toward Korea after the revolt of 1882

ANANDA, Bhikkhu: Meditation in Theravada and Zen 禅

CH‘EN Shih-hsiang (陳 世驤): Time and scansion as signification in Chinese poetry

 No. 2 (Published Mar. 1958)

The Second International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:

GRIMM, Tilemann: Some remarks on the suppression of shu-yüan 書院 in Ming China

HIBBETT, Howard S.: 江戸小説の用語について――Burlesqueを中心にして (On the terminology of Edo literary history: Burlesque fiction)

SHIMOMURA Fujio (下村冨士男): 日露戦争の性格 (On the nature of the Russo-Japanese war)

Summary of Other Reports Delivered:  

INADA, Kenneth K. (稲田亀雄): An aspect of Buddhism: Sunyata

MATHER, Richard: The landscape Buddhism of the fifth century poet Hsieh Ling-yün 謝霊運

MARINGER, Johannes: Die Mongolei vor den Mongolen

MURAYAMA Shichirō (村山七郎): The language of the Naiman, Kereyit, Merkit and the Ongut

MILLER, Roy Andrew: The phonology of the Old Burmese vowel system as seen in the Myazedi inscription

ODAKE Fumio (小竹文夫): The population problem of China

ARA Matsuo (荒 松雄): Notes on the tombs of Lodi nobles in the Delhi area

MALM, William P.: The essentials of naga uta 長唄 form

SEIDENSTICKER, Edward G.: On the diaries of Nagai Kafū 永井荷風 and certain of his novels

BEASLEY, W. G.: Samurai leadership in the Meiji Restoration movement

GOMI Tomohide (五味智英): Ōtomo-no-Yakamochi’s 大伴家持 poems on spring-tide languor

AKIYAMA Terukazu (秋山光和): On the Genji monogatari picture scrolls (源氏物語絵巻)

KUMAGAI Nobuo (熊谷宣夫): A reliquary brought back by the Ōtani大谷 Mission

Summary of Research Reports at the Kinki District:

GRIMM, Tilemann: Some remarks on the neiko 内閣 of Ming 明 China

WATSON, Burton: On the thought and style of the Tso-chuan 左伝: Pt. I. philosophical aspects

BRUNET, André: What the Japanese knew about France a century ago

LENG Shao-chuan (冷 紹全): The development of Sun Yat-sen’s 孫逸仙 ideology

 No. 1 (Published Feb. 1957)

The First International Conference of Orientalists in Japan

Research Reports:

KISHIBE Shigeo (岸辺成雄): 前蜀始祖王建棺座石彫の二十四楽妓について (Twenty-four female musicians carved on the stone coffin of Wang Chien, in the Ch‘ien-Shu dynasty)

KUBO Noritada (窪 徳忠): 中国の道教と日本の庚申待 (Taoist elements in the Japanese Kō-shin celebration)

MILLER, Roy Andrew: The Tibeto-Burman ablaut system

TANAKA Hisako (田中久子): Women writers of Meiji and Western literature

Summary of Other Reports Deliverd:

MAYER, Fanny Hagin: Principal characters in the Japanese folktale

GROOTAERS, Willem A.: Problems of questions for dialect surveys

MALM, William P.: A Westerner studies Japanese music

HOWES, John F.: Protestant Christian intellectual development in Japan

LAURES, Johannes, S. J. : Notes on the Jesuit mission press in Japan

TENG S. Y. (鄧 嗣禹): A political interpretation of Chinese rebellions and revolutions

WANG Yü-te (王 育徳): Present stage of Amoy dialect studies

KRAFT, Eva S.: Einige Bemerkungen zur Philosophie des Huai-nan-tzu 淮南子