History and Objectives

The Tōhō Gakkai (The Institute of Eastern Culture) was founded in June 1947 under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by leading members
of the Tōhō Bunka Gakuin (Tokyo) and Tōhō Bunka Kenkyūjo (Kyoto), both prewar organizations supported by the Foreign Ministry for the study of Chinese
  The new Institute, a general incorporated foundation, established in April 2013 under the supervision of the Cabinet Office, is a purely non-governmental
scholarly organization with the following aims:

1. To promote Asian studies in Japan;
2. To contribute to the cultural development of Asian countries through scholarship;
3. To publish articles in English and collected essays and journals with English abstracts;
4. To encourage cooperation and communication among scholars of different countries and thereby contribute to cultural interchange among nations.

The president of the Institute at the time of its inauguration was Dr. Haneda Tōru and the chairman of the board of directors was Dr. Uno Tetsuto.

Successive Presidents:
1. HANEDA Toru (1947.6-1955.4)
2. UNO Tetsuto (1965.5-1973.7)
3. ISHIDA Mikinosuke (1973.7-1974.5)
4. YOSHIKAWA Kojiro (1975.7-1980.4)
5. KAIZUKA Shigeki (1981.9-1987.2)
6. YAMAMOTO Tatsuro (1987.9-1993.9)
7. KANDA Nobuo (1993.9-1999.9)
8. TAKASAKI Jikido (1999.9-2005.9)
9. IKEDA On (2005.9-2009.9)
10. YOSHIKAWA Tadao (2009.9-2011.9).

Successive Board Chairmen:
1. UNO Tetsuto (1947.6-1965.5)
2. YOSHIKAWA Kojiro (1965.5-1975.7)
3. YAMAMOTO Tatsuto (1975.7-1985.7)
4. MORI Masao (1985.7-1991.9)
5. TAKASAKI Jikido (1991.9-1997.9)
6. HATTORI Masaaki (1997.9-2003.9)
7. TOGAWA Yoshio (2003.9-2009.9)
8. KOZEN Hiroshi (2009.9-2013.3).

Successive President of the New Institute
1. KOZEN Hiroshi (2013.4-2015.6)
2. IKEDA Tomohisa (2015.6-2019.6 )
3. KOMINAMI Ichiro (2019.6-2012.6)
4. SAITO Akira (2021.6- )