What characterizes the Tōhō Gakkai most of all is that the Institute is, unlike most other learned societies in the field of Asian studies, which restrict their
activities to certain realms of study, a comprehensive, interdisciplinary scholarly organization covering the fields of history, law, economics, ethnology,
folklore, philosophy, thought, religion, literature, linguistics, art, archaeology, etc., in Asia inclusive of Japan. Although the activities of the Institute in the
past strongly reflected the tradition of Asian studies in Japan, which had centered on Chinese studies, the spheres of learning covered by the Institute have
recently been considerably expanded, and cooperation among scholars of different areas of study has been furthered within and without the Institute.

  Another characteristic of the Tōhō Gakkai is that it places emphasis on promoting international exchange in the field of Asian studies. It is particularly
noteworthy that untiring efforts have been made in introducing the achievements of Japanese scholars to the academic world abroad.